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The Natural/Unnatural Debate

I hesitate from using the word “natural” in debates regarding sexuality or society. Perhaps it would be more accurate, actually, to say that I actively resist it and do not value it. In saying something, someone, some act, some idea, … Continue reading

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Gossip, Backlash, Difficult Emotions

Of course, it should come as no surprise to find out from a dear friend that my coming out has caused quite a stir. And it should also come as little shock that this stir has been going on entirely … Continue reading

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Polyamory (ish) on national television

Almost a week ago, the national U.S. show 20/20 aired an episode about “what’s new” in sexuality. They covered a steamy new BDSM book, a high class escort service that caters to women–and, one of the segments (the middle segment) … Continue reading

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Paul Lowe on jealousy, on being in the moment “with what is”

A man comes to the teacher Paul Lowe, looking for answers. He is jealous, because his wife is connecting with another person. This is Paul’s response, here, in this podcast: Jealousy: A Cocktail of Emotions Rather than me trying to … Continue reading

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Excerpt from Valerie White’s “A Humanist Looks at Polyamory”

Here is a sampling from a wonderful article I read today by Valerie White, first president of Unitarian Universalists for Polyamory Awareness. The article, originally published in 2004 in The Humanist, can be accessed in full here. “I’ve known since my … Continue reading

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An energizing encounter & a list of ideas

Back in March, when I attended the annual Conference on College Composition and Communication (4C’s), I had an exhilarating conversation with a new friend and mentor, Rebecca Ingalls, of Drexel University. Professor Ingalls and I had met on a teachers’ … Continue reading

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an article that weighs the pros and cons of polyamory

My new friend Rebecca Ingalls, of Drexel University, let me know about this piece, “More Sex with More People.” Thanks, Rebecca!

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