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Taking Part in Oppression: And then Waking Up

To see that one’s life has been oppressed is not easy. To realize that one has been conditioned to see only fear instead of human creativity, human love, and human connection is—a painful process. To wake up feels joyful, to … Continue reading

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The personal is political…

I am a female, bisexual, polyamorous, white, middle-class, academic of 29 years of age. I sometimes purposely undertake certain “male” performances, such as dress and body movement/gesture, but mostly I appear as a rather feminine person. I have small breasts … Continue reading

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The False Doctrine of “Decency”

This is a meditation on work, capitalism, and sexuality. Let’s say I worked in an office. My job was to push papers around, and use my charm to sell a product for a “boss,” a guy that hired me—a guy … Continue reading

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Obama/Gay Marriage/The General Stupidity of “Rights”

Thank you to Professor Jennifer Glaser (University of Cincinnati) for letting me know about the article, “Obama Loves Queers (Except Not).” The writer Mia McKenzie has finely articulated the frustrated prickly feeling I’ve had in the pit of my stomach … Continue reading

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New York, Gay Men, Polyamory, Polyfidelity

Click here to watch a short 6-minute documentary, Polyamorous Relationships in New York City. The film shows a polyfidelitous (closed relationship) of three men in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood.

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NRE (Or, “What I’m In”)

The term New Relationship Energy (or, NRE for short) was coined in the mid 1980’s by Zhahai Stewart, a poly/pagan writer. NRE can be invaluable for helping people understand the birth of both poly, monogamous, or other forms of relationships. … Continue reading

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Polyamory on national U.S. TV, Nightline

I just stumbled upon this. Last year ABC’s Nightline aired a segment about polyamory. This is much better than what the TV show 20/20 did just a few weeks ago. Much, much much better! The portrayal here is round, human, … Continue reading

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