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A big thanks to forever-friends Eva Lupold and Agatha Wolkowicz for recommending that I read The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State by Friedrich Engels. I’m sure that this classic revolutionary Marxist text will help me unravel how … Continue reading

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On Being a Sub

A subculture flourishes precisely because it functions below the proverbial radar. One could argue that a subculture isn’t in a position to “flourish” and that this place is an entirely shitty place to be because it is a place devoid … Continue reading

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Awesome Sex Blogger Goes Poly

My favorite sex blogger, quizzical pussy, wrote today about how she realizes that she is polyamorous. Check it out here. Hooray!

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Dreams & Costs

You dream. What are they? Out of what substance are dreams made? From whence, in waking or sleeping, does our brain and body desire to act? And…then…when does the shift happen? When and how does one decide not to feel … Continue reading

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The Freak Show

In Susan Miller’s now-classic academic text, Textual Carnivals: The Politics of Composition, she discusses how literature faculty are the “normal” group within an English department, and how rhetoric & composition faculty are the odd group, the weirdos, the stigmatized—the carnival/circus … Continue reading

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When Two Won’t Do

There’s a great documentary about polyamory called “When Two Won’t Do,” clips of which are circulating on youtube. You can get a taste of it here. The doc follows the fascinating story of a woman with three male partners, as … Continue reading

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