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Quote of the day

In thinking more about how poly lives, ideas, and actions need to be more explicitly political, in order to address the inequities, gaps, tragedies, and hierarchies in areas of human life other than in just sexuality, I offer up this … Continue reading

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Love it!!!

I’m teaching an intermediate writing class this term, called “Queer Writing.” In the course we explore intersections of gender, sexuality, and we discuss polymory and relationship literacy as major aspects to understanding queerness. A student of mine, today, included this … Continue reading

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Coming out of the closet to my family…

Through a very unique and unexpected set of circumstances, I was motivated to finally “come out” as both poly and queer to some key members of my family. (If you want to know more about those specific details, please email … Continue reading

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Jonathan Alexander

I’m really excited. Jonathan Alexander, the person who has most vocally supported the discussion of queer issues within the field of rhetoric and writing (my field) is coming to my campus in April, to give some talks about issues relating … Continue reading

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