Chapter 5….and life

I’ve begun to write chapter five, the final chapter of this dissertation. And, I find myself feeling melancholy. Some life challenges have presented themselves, and I haven’t had the energy to work lately as hard as I usually do. I find, though, that, from a practical standpoint, polyamory has changed my life in more ways than I can count. For example, when I am sick (I deal with a handful of chronic illnesses), one of my poly partners are there to take me to the doctor or there to go grocery shopping for me. It’s a comfort. And when I’m feeling well, I repay them as best I can. My poly partners and I share food, lend each other money when we can, pitch in with doing the dishes at each other’s houses, and …in so many other ways, we are there for each other when life is stressful.

I find myself nearing the end of this dissertation process, and I find myself wondering: What’s next? What has this project taught me? How am I a different person than when I began this project? How have various parters (current, or lost) informed or changed or enabled my life to be what it is now?

Reflection is certainly the Mode as of late.


About Anya Light

Anya Light, PhD, is an author, life coach, meditation teacher, Reiki master, and poet. Her book, Opening Love, demonstrates how relationships can be a powerful doorway to compassion and freedom.
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