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Anya Light, PhD, is an author, intuitive guide, spiritual teacher, Reiki master, sacred companion, and poet.

Farewell Post

Greetings! This is the final post in this blog. A bittersweet moment indeed. Yesterday, I gave a public defense of my dissertation, and my work was approved by my faculty committee. My project is complete! Hooray! I know that some … Continue reading

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My project’s purpose: A Bridge

When I try to summarize my project in my own mind, the image of a bridge arises. I think of this dissertation, Relationship Literacy and Polyamory: A Queer Approach, as being a bridge, a transition to a new place. The … Continue reading

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Hearts on Fire: Together in Ecosexual Love

One of the major poly activists of our time, Professor Serena Anderlini D’Onofrio, is co-creating a documentary about ecosexuality and polyamory. The documentary, titled “Hearts on Fire,” is still in the planning phase…and, she needs the public’s input! Please spread … Continue reading

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Draft of Thanks!

Today I decided to take a brief detour from working on Chapter five, and I got together a draft of my acknowledgements page. Here it is! Maybe you will see your name here and feel warm fuzzies. *** Acknowledgements   … Continue reading

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Honest Monogamy

Something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately, as I work on the final chapter of dissertation, is the difference between compulsory monogamy and what I like to call honest monogamy. Compulsory monogamy is when two people get together and just … Continue reading

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Chapter 5….and life

I’ve begun to write chapter five, the final chapter of this dissertation. And, I find myself feeling melancholy. Some life challenges have presented themselves, and I haven’t had the energy to work lately as hard as I usually do. I … Continue reading

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Categories & Binaries?

My vision of the queer–poly blend goes beyond just promoting, celebrating, or exposing additional identities or additional categories. Though this is a noble goal, eventually we may find that we are exhausted at adding one more letter in long acronyms … Continue reading

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