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Jealousy-Inducing Beliefs

Here is a great excerpt from the article I’m reading today. Authors McCullough and Hall discuss how jealousy is not inevitable, natural, or something that cannot be eventually overcome or understood. They write: “Our culture seems addicted to three core … Continue reading

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“Polyamory Across the Disciplines”: A Transcript

I am very excited and grateful to be presenting some of my dissertation research this weekend at a graduate student conference, hosted by The English Department at the University of Cincinnati. The theme of the conference is “Being Undisciplined“–which fits … Continue reading

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A rather rambly, joyous post

I personally do not know anyone who has come to identify as poly who has not come to it through the event of falling in love. (Though, of course, I’m sure such cases have happened. I just personally have never … Continue reading

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Quote of the day

“The priority accorded to sex, its status as ‘special’, is something we should question. Why should sexual love be regarded as more exclusive than any other kind of love? No one suggests that a woman who has two children loves … Continue reading

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A wonderful wonderful wonderful book!!!

Maybe it’s because I just got done writing my prospectus (a long, formal dissertation proposal), or maybe it’s just because I’m running low on energy this week…but I can’t write much now, even though I really want to. However, I … Continue reading

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More on New Relationship Energy (NRE)

To learn about NRE—and to truly accept that the concept of NRE is real—is to become, in a way, less naïve. And being less naïve is a good thing…right? Well, one could argue the opposite. One can say that recognizing … Continue reading

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Eckhart Tolle & Aliveness: Ethical Relating

The spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle talks about how humans have the unfortunate tendency to fail to recognize the “aliveness” of others. He talks about how, when people commit crimes, cruelties, and other negative/selfish/mean-spirited actions against others, it is a result … Continue reading

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