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Categories & Binaries?

My vision of the queer–poly blend goes beyond just promoting, celebrating, or exposing additional identities or additional categories. Though this is a noble goal, eventually we may find that we are exhausted at adding one more letter in long acronyms … Continue reading

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Short & Not-So-Sweet

All of the poly people I know that are in the closet as poly (at least partially) work for corporate America. The ones that are “out” work in academia, are unemployed, or are freelance artists or own their own business. … Continue reading

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Reaching Out; Wanting More (A Swirl of Ideas Today)

Lately, a lot of terrific people have been reaching out to me. Activists, friends, potential collaborators, other academics. A few weeks ago, a woman doing her masters degree in Quebec/Canada emailed me, telling me about her thesis work in french … Continue reading

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A rather rambly, joyous post

I personally do not know anyone who has come to identify as poly who has not come to it through the event of falling in love. (Though, of course, I’m sure such cases have happened. I just personally have never … Continue reading

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A wonderful wonderful wonderful book!!!

Maybe it’s because I just got done writing my prospectus (a long, formal dissertation proposal), or maybe it’s just because I’m running low on energy this week…but I can’t write much now, even though I really want to. However, I … Continue reading

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Thoughts on The Closet

In his essay “Public and Private,” literary theorist and cultural critic Michael Warner (one of my all-time favorite writers) has this to say about closets: “Speech everywhere is regulated unequally. Yet, ironically, common mythology understands the closet as an individual’s … Continue reading

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research on high sex drives

In a 2007 dissertation in psychology by Sari van Anders titled “Testosterone trade-offs and partnering in women and men” (Simon Fraser University in Canada), it was found that men and women who identified/lived as polyamorous were generally found to have … Continue reading

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