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Coming out of the closet to my family…

Through a very unique and unexpected set of circumstances, I was motivated to finally “come out” as both poly and queer to some key members of my family. (If you want to know more about those specific details, please email … Continue reading

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Quote of the day

Dr. Deborah M. Anapol has this to say about the importance of coming out of the closet: “By coming out you not only transform your own life, you help transform the entire culture. Each person who comes out poly increases the … Continue reading

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The Freak Show

In Susan Miller’s now-classic academic text, Textual Carnivals: The Politics of Composition, she discusses how literature faculty are the “normal” group within an English department, and how rhetoric & composition faculty are the odd group, the weirdos, the stigmatized—the carnival/circus … Continue reading

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