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On Being a Sub

A subculture flourishes precisely because it functions below the proverbial radar. One could argue that a subculture isn’t in a position to “flourish” and that this place is an entirely shitty place to be because it is a place devoid … Continue reading

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When Two Won’t Do

There’s a great documentary about polyamory called “When Two Won’t Do,” clips of which are circulating on youtube. You can get a taste of it here. The doc follows the fascinating story of a woman with three male partners, as … Continue reading

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Polyamory on national U.S. TV, Nightline

I just stumbled upon this. Last year ABC’s Nightline aired a segment about polyamory. This is much better than what the TV show 20/20 did just a few weeks ago. Much, much much better! The portrayal here is round, human, … Continue reading

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