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Update on My Diss Process, and a Mini Book Review

If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted much lately, it’s because I’ve been busy studying for my qualifying exams. Now that that’s nearly done, I am living in that beautiful phase where I am beginning to strategize how I … Continue reading

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Answers to (burning?) questions…

If you follow this blog, chances are, you still have some questions about polyamory. Maybe you even have bunches of questions. Consider this post my attempt to answer some of those. What kinds of people are “polyamorous”? Maybe your neighbor … Continue reading

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“What if?”

What if we lived in a world where not every family member had to have “special” status over others (those outside the family)? What if we lived in a world where not every friendship had to be or stay platonic? … Continue reading

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What polyamory does is seek to ask questions about love, desire, feminism, justice, intimacy, sex, relationships, equity and much more. Some of these salient questions are: What are partnerships? How might the notion of partnership relate to the persistent rhetoric … Continue reading

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