About the Project

Welcome to my dissertation blog. My name is Heather Anne Trahan. (Many of my friends, loved ones, and readers know me as Anya, which is my spiritual name.) I am a PhD candidate in the Rhetoric & Writing program at Bowling Green State University. Beyond the issues of this dissertation, my research interests include the pedagogical uses of silence, queer theory, critical sexuality studies, digital literacy, historical feminist rhetoric(s), and first-year writing pedagogy.

My dissertation will explore how discussions about polyamory (“poly” for short) can/will impact the field of rhetoric & composition. My committee chair is the amazingly supportive computers and writing scholar Dr. Kristine L. Blair; other committee members include the wonderful Dr. Sue Carter Wood and Dr. Lee Nickoson.

I hope you will not only enjoy reading this blog, but I encourage you to interact with it and get involved in the conversation. As a feminist, collaboration is my main goal. Please comment, or email me at htrahan@bgsu.edu

Thanks for reading and thinking and collaborating!

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