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Short & Not-So-Sweet

All of the poly people I know that are in the closet as poly (at least partially) work for corporate America. The ones that are “out” work in academia, are unemployed, or are freelance artists or own their own business. … Continue reading

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Reaching Out; Wanting More (A Swirl of Ideas Today)

Lately, a lot of terrific people have been reaching out to me. Activists, friends, potential collaborators, other academics. A few weeks ago, a woman doing her masters degree in Quebec/Canada emailed me, telling me about her thesis work in french … Continue reading

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Thoughts on The Closet

In his essay “Public and Private,” literary theorist and cultural critic Michael Warner (one of my all-time favorite writers) has this to say about closets: “Speech everywhere is regulated unequally. Yet, ironically, common mythology understands the closet as an individual’s … Continue reading

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More on New Relationship Energy (NRE)

To learn about NRE—and to truly accept that the concept of NRE is real—is to become, in a way, less naïve. And being less naïve is a good thing…right? Well, one could argue the opposite. One can say that recognizing … Continue reading

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On Being a Sub

A subculture flourishes precisely because it functions below the proverbial radar. One could argue that a subculture isn’t in a position to “flourish” and that this place is an entirely shitty place to be because it is a place devoid … Continue reading

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The Freak Show

In Susan Miller’s now-classic academic text, Textual Carnivals: The Politics of Composition, she discusses how literature faculty are the “normal” group within an English department, and how rhetoric & composition faculty are the odd group, the weirdos, the stigmatized—the carnival/circus … Continue reading

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The personal is political…

I am a female, bisexual, polyamorous, white, middle-class, academic of 29 years of age. I sometimes purposely undertake certain “male” performances, such as dress and body movement/gesture, but mostly I appear as a rather feminine person. I have small breasts … Continue reading

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