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More on New Relationship Energy (NRE)

To learn about NRE—and to truly accept that the concept of NRE is real—is to become, in a way, less naïve. And being less naïve is a good thing…right? Well, one could argue the opposite. One can say that recognizing … Continue reading

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The Freak Show

In Susan Miller’s now-classic academic text, Textual Carnivals: The Politics of Composition, she discusses how literature faculty are the “normal” group within an English department, and how rhetoric & composition faculty are the odd group, the weirdos, the stigmatized—the carnival/circus … Continue reading

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NRE (Or, “What I’m In”)

The term New Relationship Energy (or, NRE for short) was coined in the mid 1980’s by Zhahai Stewart, a poly/pagan writer. NRE can be invaluable for helping people understand the birth of both poly, monogamous, or other forms of relationships. … Continue reading

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