Popular Web Resources

This page will be dedicated to my linking and categorizing various websites and other web resources regarding the transnational polyamory movement. Please do not assume that all that’s listed here is “all there is”! Hardly! It seems like, daily, new stuff is popping up. So, I invite you to help me; please let me know about any I’m missing and can share here. Thank you!


Episode #1 of the web series “Family” (there are 21 episodes in all)



More Than Two

Polyamory Media Association

World Polyamory Association

Polytical: polyamory & ethical non-monogamy in the UK



Poly in the Media

Polyamory Girl

Popular Articles:

“New Sexual Revolution”: Polyamory May be Good for You”

“Unprecedented Civil Union Unites Brazilian Trio”

“Yes, marriage can include more than two people”

“Polyamory and it’s Surprisingly Woman-Friendly Roots”

“Group Marriage and the Future of the Family”

“Polyosophy: Ancient Greek Conceptions of Love”

“Our Successful Open Marriage”

Polyamory—relationships with multiple, mutually consenting partners—has a coming-out party

Links to more Resources:

List of Major Poly Books Published (all since 1989!)


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